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BlockShow is an international event franchise powered by The Cointelegraph and the brightest experts of the global blockchain scene. It is a prestigious offline platform that opens a window to the blockchain world.

2000+ participants
50+ speakers
40+ exhibitors
$200 mln
was raised by startups at previous BlockShow events
500+ deals
were made at our latest event. We believe this figure will be even bigger in Singapore.

BlockShow Token (BST)

In addition to tickets, BlockShow is going to start selling tokens.

These tokens will guarantee their owner VIP access to all the events organized by BlockShow and The Cointelegraph teams, starting with the November conference in Singapore.

Token price
Any Meetup
Price 1 BST = 0.3 ETH = $100
Any Conference
Price 10 BST = 3 ETH = $1000
BlockShow Asia
Current Price* $3089

World domination plan

In the coming two years, BlockShow is planning to conquer the world with large events and meetups. BST holders will be welcomed everywhere

November 2017
Blockshow Asia
Q1 2018

9 meet ups in Europe and Asia. 300+ attendees at each.

500 attendees: London (UK), South Korea, Japan, Thailand (Bangkok).

Q2 2018
BlockShow Europe 2000+ attendees. Munich, Germany
Q3 2018
Meetups in USA and Canada. 300+ attendees at each.
Q4 2018

BlockShow Asia 2018. 3000+ attendees at each.

Meetups in Asia, India and Australia. 300+ attendees at each.


BlockShow USA 7000+ attendees

BlockShow Europe 7000+ attendees

BlockShow Asia 7000+ attendees

Meetups to be defined

Token Features

BlockShow Token is something you can use, not just buy, which makes it much better than any other ICO.
Use BlockShow Token as a VIP ticket to visit any upcoming BlockShow events.
BlockShow Token is exchangeable and tradable.
Send BlockShow Token to anyone who wants to visit events as a VIP guest instead of you.

The event is organized in partnership with The Cointelegraph, one of the most respected independent blockchain media and special events’ organizer.
members of global decentralized team
13 200 000
Page viewers per month
top industry experts collaborating

BlockShow Wallet

Use this beautiful wallet for your VIP ‘ticket’ when attending the hottest blockchain events.

Buy, store, redeem, send and instantly exchange BlockShow Token.


Addy Creeze
Chief Executive Officer
Anna Sergius
Chief Product & Operations Officer
Mimi Khalid
Event Manager
Katrin Demi
Head of Sales
Aleksander Raserei
Manager of Everything
Julia Daimio
Event Manager
Li XiangJun
Head Manager for Greater China Region